Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed
  • Social Responsibility
  • High-Quality Products and Services
  • Responsible Employer
  • Compliance with Business Ethics
  • Environmental Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The “May Company Ukraine” is an active market player and is responsible to society for its activities. We constantly study the needs and tastes of our customers and strive to meet their requirements by developing new initiatives and offering products of the highest quality.

High-Quality Products and Services

The “May Company Ukraine” maintains high standards of quality for its products. Quality management system of the “May Company Ukraine” is certified for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008 by TUV. The fact that the “May Company Ukraine” has been a strategic partner of METRO Group, McDonald’s, Auchan and such national retail chains as ATB, Fozzy Group indicates the high quality of our products.

Responsible Employer

The Company’s success is inseparable from our employees. We are convinced that people are the most important asset of our business. The “May Company Ukraine” provides its employees with ample opportunities for self-realization, advanced professional training, and career progress. The company demonstrates close adherence to Labor Code of Ukraine.  The Company went through a compliance audit by McDonalds suppliers standard SQMS and was evaluated with the highest score “A”.

Compliance with Business Ethics


All business activities at the “May Company Ukraine” are based on compliance with ethical norms, principles of honesty, fairness and decency in our relationships with partners and customers.


Environmental Responsibility


The “May Company Ukraine” operates in accordance with Environmental Protection laws. We significantly invest into the activities designed to reduce adverse environmental and people‘s health impact.